SpeedWarm hoodie

▍Bath ▍

Speedwarm hoodie is the "Bath" series of A.Brolly.

"Bath" city has the only one natural hot spring in the UK and was expanded into a complete natural bath during the Roman Empire. For the Romans, the bath was not only a place for bathing, but also a place for important people to discuss national affairs and socialize.


▍SpeedWarm Hoodie ▍


Graphene fiber is the world fastest heat conducting fiber which also has great power of preserving heat and re-generate into Far Infrared. Human body is a nature way of heat generator. When wearing SpeedWarm Hoodie, body temperature release heat to warm up the Graphene fiber and cause the fiber generate far infrared to warm up our body forming a continuous warmth cycle. SpeedWarm Hoodie keep you at the most comfortable temperature at all time.



-Special design High Graphene content fiber made of SpeedWarm Hoodie.

-Instant warmth, increase 5 ℃ within 60 sec.

-The world first instant warm thermal wear without chemical coating. Eco friendly protection for your daily use.


Design ▍

Oversize Stand collar

Protect your neck and still easy moveable

‧3/4 length wide sleeve

Protect your neck and still easy moveable

‧Two side deep pockets

Easy to store your keys, cellphone, and even a TV remote

‧Full body design

Provide full coverage


Patented material 

Warmth cycle

Graphene yarm

Breathable fabric

Smart dry

▍Size ▍

(S/M)104 CM、(M/L)122 CM

(S/M)573g±10g、(M/L) 650g±10g

100% Polyester

▍Color and pattern selection ▍




Baby Blue