City Grand

▍Xidi City ▍

The West Bank area of ​​London is also known as the City of London. It is an important financial center. A large number of office workers flood in from all directions in Greater London every morning. The City series umbrella is designed for office workers. Its affordable and practical design is suitable for every office worker.

▍Product features ▍

◆Special specifications◆

【Water repellent umbrella cloth design】The entire umbrella cloth uses Fomao 100% polyester fiber cloth. The super water repellent processing technology developed by Abney is a low fluorocarbon paint that is good for the environment.

【Wind-proof full glass fiber skeleton】 Effectively solve the problem of umbrella being blown over, and the excellent elasticity of the bracket is not easy to break

【UV shield UVshield】-UV CUT

◆Intimate design◆

【Easy retractable umbrella design】 The retracting force is reduced from the original 8kg to only 5kg, and it is easy for girls to retract the umbrella.

【Carabiner】Comes with a carabiner, you can hook it with you

【Extra large umbrella surface】 Multi-person umbrella, not easy to get wet

【Ergonomic anti-slip grip】 Ergonomically designed anti-slip grip

Color: City stripe blue / City stripe black/ City camouflage

Umbrella surface and umbrella frame: 68.5cm x 8 umbrella ribs, three-fold automatic umbrella