Yoga pants

▍Mintie mint series ▍

Textile technology continues to have new developments, and we have always wanted to use the best technology in product research and development, so the peppermint pants were born this summer.

Mint pants use dual cooling technology (TCool+xylitol), and use an extremely thin and nude design. Even in the hot summer, as long as you wear the mint pants, you will feel the "mint" on the skin as as cold as the "mint".


▍Mintie mint pants ▍

The global temperature has hit new highs repeatedly. It is every woman’s summer dream to have a pair of tights that have both functions, cool and sunscreen, and a fashion design that perfectly sculpts the legs and lifts the hips. As we are also afraid of sultry heat, we are looking for unsatisfactory organic and beautiful leggings and invest in research and development of zero-touch and cool -7°C yoga pants, hoping to make every woman comfortable and comfortable in summer Wear tight-fitting yoga pants full of beauty.

▍Product features ▍

◆Special function◆

【Exclusive TCool Cooling Technology + Xylitol】 Effective temperature control, blocking infrared and harmful ultraviolet rays, about 2 to 5 degrees lower than ordinary polyester textiles. It has excellent moisture wicking and quick-drying performance, helping the body maintain dryness and comfort during exercise.

The blended material improves the original natural cotton fiber's strong hygroscopicity but weak moisture desorption. It can be biodegraded, which is of great help to environmental protection and sustainable regeneration.

Food grade xylitol is used and nanotechnology is used to make it adhere tightly to the yarn. After encountering water (sweating), it will cause an endothermic reaction and begin to cool down, bringing a super cooling sensation.

【Add 25% stretch yarn】The strongest cooling technology, matched with the most avant-garde and fashionable hip-lifting and thin-leg design in Europe, you don’t have to worry about the heat and airtightness during exercise. The most important thing is the classic style, fashionable and versatile, which will absolutely subvert your yoga The stereotype of pants.

【Skin-friendly, nude, ultra-lightweight fabric design】 It is made of 25% elastic fiber, which is more extensible than the elastic fiber on the market. After testing, the fabric of intense exercise has a very good recovery after stretching, which can permanently maintain the original shape of the fabric, comfortable and beautiful. The high-density weave makes the fabric feel as smooth as silk, and feels as if it is not worn after wearing it, but it can help you perfect shape.

◆Intimate design◆

【Modify the legs】Add elastic yarn to modify the legs

【Hip Lifting Design】Create the perfect buttocks

【Cool feeling upgrade】TCool fabric and xylitol added

【Selection of color】

Charcoal/Bronze Blue/Pale Mauve