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Commodity name: Taiwan Kangjiang medical protective mask (not sterilized)

Producer/manufacturer/commissioned manufacturer Name: Taiwan Kangjiang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Dechang Factory


Phone: 02-2541-3253

Producer/manufacturer/commissioned company Address: No. 270, Dechang Street, Yingge District, New Taipei City (1st to 4th floors)

Origin of goods: Taiwan

Material quality: three-layer non-woven fabric (surface water repellent layer, middle melt-blown fabric, inner non-woven fabric)

Specification: Adult Plane Size: 17.5*9.5cm±0.5cm

Quantity: 15 into

Date of manufacture: 20210315 (The date of manufacture will vary depending on the stock batch, please refer to the product packaging label for details)

Validity period or storage period: 5 years

Note: Consumers should read the product description carefully before use

License number: No. 003704 of the Ministry of Health Medical Devices