Jinshule Medical Mask

Product name: Jinshule medical mask (not sterilized)

Producer/manufacturer/subscriber name: KIM SORA COMPANY LIMITED

Producer/manufacturer/subscriber Tel: (84)236-371-9171/02-2541-3253

Producer/manufacturer/subscriber Address: No.3, Hoa Khanh Industrial zone, Koa Khanh Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Importer name: Taiwan Europe Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Importer Tel: 02-2541-3253

Importer Address: 3rd Floor, No. 112, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Origin of goods: Vietnam


▍Pharmacist/sale agent information ▍

License number: Zhushi drug dealer No. 6212053619

Pharmacist/Sales Agent: Abney Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 7 Dengshui Street, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City

Material quality: three-layer non-woven fabric (surface water repellent layer, middle melt-blown fabric, inner non-woven fabric)

Specification: Adult/Children plane

Size: 17.5*9.5cm±0.5cm / 14.5*9.3cm±0.5cm

Quantity: 50 into

Manufacturing date: 20200926 (manufacturing date will vary depending on the stock batch, please refer to the product packaging label for details)

Validity period or storage period: 3 years

Note: Consumers should read the product description carefully before use

License size: No. 021760 No. 021760