Huggi hoodie tops

There are only 60 pieces in all colors, and they are sold in limited quantities.

▍Huggi series ▍

The word "Huggi" is an extension of the English word Hug. Hug is an emotional connection between each other, which brings warmth and happiness. The two letters in the Huggi logo, the double gs close together, symbolize each other's mutual dependence, forever Do not separate, express the deep meaning of embracing warmth with a lovely and warm pronunciation.

Huggi takes a beautiful life and a beautiful daily life as the main axis. It is our original intention not to forget to maintain the love of life. We strive to live every day, make the world closer, cherish and embrace the new life, and let the good home life become the beginning of continued warmth. 

▍Huggi hoodie tops ▍

Huggi hoodie tops is a special model after the old product SpeedWarm Hoodie . The fabric material is selected to maintain a high content of graphene sand, and the thin towel fabric is combined with the highest content of graphene fibers on the market to absorb the human body. The emitted heat is converted into far infrared rays that can be absorbed by the human body. The heat transfer is also very fast. The heat cycle is continuously carried out, and the warmth is uninterrupted. Putting on the hoodie, it is as comfortable as being hugged by Huggi.

The skin-friendly and comfortable touch, especially indoors, allows the heat storage function of graphene to maximize its effect, keeping the body warm all day long!

The classic hoodie element design of the hat is easy to wear without losing the beauty. It is suitable for another coat outside to lock the graphene factor and upgrade the warmth.

▍Product features ▍

◆Special specifications◆

[High-content graphene fiber] Contains high-content graphene, which makes it more sensible when it heats up quickly

[Do not use chemical coating] The first innovative technology product, natural and environmentally friendly, no coating processing

[60 seconds heating up] Instant heating, at least 5 degrees heating can be achieved in 60 seconds


◆Detailed design◆

[Classic Hood] Wear it to keep you warmer

[Nylon cap rope-nickel-plated metal bullet] Fashionable, tangible and better-looking

[Cuff Logo Embroidery] Low-key but textured

[Deep pockets on both sides] You can put your mobile phone wallet

[Oversize] Casual all-match, wearing one more inside will not look fat

[Increase the hem] Loose and not tight-fitting, cover the flesh for more self-cultivation


◆Special function◆

Warmth cycle

Graphene yarn

Breathable fabric

Smart Dry


【laundry guide】

Machine washable, washable at room temperature, no dry cleaning, no bleaching, hang to dry

*Please wash light and dark clothes separately

Color: Charcoal/Peach /Baby Blue

Clothes size: S/M and M/L

Total length of clothes: (S/M) 68CM, (M/L) 70CM

Fabric: Polyester fiber (yarn contains high-component graphene yarn)

Weight: (S/M)475g±10g, (M/L) 493g±10g

Place of Origin: Designed/manufactured in Taiwan