LM. Adamas deep antibacterial super concentrated laundry ball

LM. Adamas from Japan adopts the Japanese Germ Clear blocking technology, the antibacterial power is as high as 99.9% and the antibacterial time is extended to 24H to achieve real antibacterial

▍Product Features ▍

Antibacterial/mite removal: Using German BASF antibacterial technology to reduce bacterial cross infection

Antibacterial/deodorant: Using Japanese Germ Clear blocking technology, 99.9% sterilization rate

Whitening/Stain Removal: Danish powerful formula, bio-complex enzymes, break down stubborn stains

Softening/Color Protection: Add fiber softener and color protection factor to fix color

6 effects: antibacterial removal ☆ deodorization, decontamination, whitening and softness

99.9% of the five major bacteria were washed and passed the test

Using German BASF antibacterial technology

No Additives: Bleach/Fluorescent Agent Using Bio-Composite Enzyme

▍Passed the SGS inspection ▍

99.9% bactericidal function Staphylococcus aureus - bacteria detection rate 99.9% Escherichia coli - bacteria detection rate 99.9% Pseudomonas aeruginosa - bacteria detection rate 99.9% Candida albicans - bacteria detection rate 99.9% Klebsiella pneumoniae - bacteria detection rate Rate 99.9%

【Scent selection】

Freesia: Use the reddest freesia fragrance nowadays, the perfect plant fragrance wafts out of the clothes after washing, like a flower blooming fresh fragrance, making you fragrant, refreshing and comfortable all day long!

Floral and fruity fragrance: The sweet flower and fruity fragrance can effectively deodorize, deodorize and inhibit bacteria, making the clothes exude a charming floral and fruity fragrance all day long!