Buckingham Adult 4D Medical Mask

😷Three-dimensional cut to fit the face

😷Medical grade, better protection

😷Albony exclusive plaid, not afraid of color collision

😷British design, colorful and eye-catching colors, three styles to satisfy at once

▍Buckingham ▍

Buckingham series is A.Brolly's new top luxury line in 2022. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch, and the place of national celebrations and royal entertainment. It is also located in the center of London, England, and everyone knows it.

As a British brand of A.Brolly, we are constantly striving for excellence in technology, focusing on details and achieving taste, combining exquisite and noble design with daily necessities, and affordable luxury goods are no longer a fantasy. Buckingham takes luxury and dazzling as the main axis, modern fusion of classicism, with a touch of charming style, with Buckingham, as if enjoying the royal treatment.

"Put on Buckingham and you are your own queen."


▍feature of product ▍

😷4D medical-grade protection, greatly improved protection.

😷Professional manufacture in Taiwan GMP factory, more secure to use.

😷British brand, exclusive plaid design, rich colors of masks.

😷Three bright colors, wear it out without clashing colors.

😷 Exquisite packaging design, top luxury enjoyment.

▍Product information ▍

Product name: Albany medical mask (unsterilized)

Product style: Buckingham adult 4D medical mask

Name of medical device manufacturer/manufacturer: Jinming Industrial Co., Ltd.

Address of medical equipment dealer/manufacturer: No. 26, Lane 457, Section 1, Zhongshan Road, Guangxing Village, Shetou Township, Changhua County

License number: No. 008800 of the Ministry of Health's medical equipment system

Manufacturer's customer service phone: 04-8730567

Graphics Licensee: Alberni Inc.

The address of the pattern licensor: No. 7, Shenshui Street, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City

Pattern Licensee Tel: 03-5381169

Drug dealer license for sales industry: Zhushi Drug Dealer Zi No. 6212053619



1. Turn the shaping strip of the mask towards the outside and the middle to the nose, and then hang the ear straps on both sides behind the ears.

2. Open up and down the overlapping part of the mask so that the mask can completely cover the mouth and nose.

3. Press the nose shaping strip to make the mask fit completely with the face, nose and mouth.


Product Notes:

◆This product is a disposable mask, please do not wash or reuse it.

◆When the mask is smelly or damaged, please replace the mask immediately.

◆Please keep it in a dry and cool place, valid for five years.

◆When discarding, please fold the mask outwards, roll it into a round strip and discard it.

Main materials: water repellent non-woven fabric, ear straps, melt-blown non-woven fabric, nose strips, ultra-soft composite fibers

Style selection: pink flower and bird / blue rose / yellow poppy

Quantity: 20 pieces

Dimensions: Length 20.4cm x 8.4cm (±0.5cm)

Gross weight: 71g/Net weight: 38.5g(±0.5g)

Validity period: not used for five years (the batch number is marked on the outer box with the date of manufacture)

Date of manufacture: marked on the outer box

Origin: Taiwan