Common problem

1. The product is added to the shopping cart but the product inventory function is not reserved before the checkout is completed. The product inventory allocation will be based on the checkout sequence.
2. When the package is shipped and has not been picked up or rejected (calculated within 7 days after shipment), this delivery method cannot be used if the order account reaches three times.
3. The overseas delivery time is about 14-30 working days. If you have not received the goods for a long time, please contact the customer service as soon as possible.
4. Pre-ordered goods and spot goods have different delivery times, so orders can only be placed separately
5. Pre-orders are estimated based on production time, cargo delivery, customs inspection, etc. The number of days for each product is different. If the goods arrive early, they will be shipped early. Please pay attention and forgive me.
6. Remind you that if you violate A.Brolly's rules about ordering and returns, the company has the right to suspend your account and deny you to use this service. At the same time, it is listed as a transaction blacklist. Please pay attention.