City Auto

▍City ▍

The West Bank area of ​​London is also known as the City of London. It is an important financial center. A large number of office workers flood in from all directions in Greater London every morning. The City series umbrella is designed for office workers. Its lightweight and affordable design is suitable for every office worker.


▍Product features ▍

The industry's highest ISO level 5 water repellency, dry in one shake

Black technology carbon fiber ribs, the lightest automatic umbrella

UPF 50+ cool sensation sunscreen, effective cooling by 8 degrees

-Toray Sakai High Density Polyester Fabric

-Carbon fiber ribs + iron + refined aluminum

Color: City latte / City passion / City sky  / City love 

Umbrella surface and umbrella frame: 48cm x 6 umbrella ribs, three-fold automatic umbrella

Umbrella opening width and height: width 99CM, height 54CM, weight 220g

Folding umbrella height: 27CM