HOBO bag

▍Liverpool  ▍

Liverpool is a well-known port city in the United Kingdom. The early years of import and export trade helped the city prosper quickly. Because of the convenience of the port, there are a large number of black and Chinese immigrants here, as well as Irish people who sought refuge due to famine in the 19th century. In the early twentieth century, a small Liverpool gathered immigrants from various European countries and lived together here. Struggling. The Liverpool hobo wave bag uses various patterns to symbolize Liverpool where different ethnic groups gather, and the hobo design of the hobo bag also represents many different immigrants in the nineteenth century. They were homeless and carried the baggage. All my belongings hang on my shoulders, wandering in the street.

▍Product features ▍

[Waterproof and anti-dirty] It is made of special waterproof coating material, so that you can put all kinds of items in peace of mind, and no longer have to worry about temporary rain or spilled beverages that will wet the items in your bag.

[Lightweight and easy to collect] The Langlang bag can usually be stored as a palm-sized small bag. Because of its ultra-lightweight material design, it does not increase the overall weight when it is placed in the bag for use.

[Large capacity] The size of the Langlang bag is 30cm X 34cm after opening, which can accommodate laptops, jackets, sneakers, basketballs, etc., which meets the needs of urbanites.

【fabric composition】

Fabric: 100% polyester fiber cloth

Strap: 100% nylonLining: No Lining

【Special function】Waterproof coating, jacquard pattern

【Color selection】

British rhombus/golden ocean/crocodile pattern/midnight garden


After opening the size 30cm X 34cm