Portobello Mini

▍Portobello series introduction ▍

"Portobello" is a street from London, England. In this prosperous London city, this road has different characteristics. Every Saturday morning, a grand antique market is held here, selling various products. All kinds of antiques.

The Portobello series developed by Alberti combines the products with the patented technology used in the past, which is like a re-creation of antiques, which makes the public feel amazing and fresh; and the new Portobello Mini designer chooses to use rich colors as Appearance matching, each umbrella cloth symbolizes different classic elements of the Portobello Market in London, making it like walking on the lively and bustling Portobello streets while holding the umbrella!


▍Product features ▍

◆Special specifications◆

【Patent Fabric】

Using "first-level shading cloth", shading rate of more than 99.9%

The first-grade cooling cloth, it can lower 8℃ after about 15 minutes

【Rotating Umbrella Ribs】 360-degree rotating umbrella ribs can prevent collision and squeeze, and can shuttle people lightly


◆Intimate design◆

【Classic Market】

Portobello has a big feature, the row of colorful houses here, always let travelers stop and wander here. We transformed the features of the colorful houses into colorful geometric patterns, and shrunk each model house into an umbrella cloth.

【Antique Market】

The Portobello market is the largest collection of antique goods, crystals, silverware, books, and other dazzling products, so that visitors can always be full of surprises. The Antique Market Umbrella Cloth is to take on this retro feature, with the orange yellow embedded in the antique blue and white porcelain texture as the design concept, and the retro fashion is incorporated into the umbrella cloth.

【Play on words】

The unique red rubber bottom cloth exudes a unique taste. Portobello is the largest fun antique market, always attracting people who want to dig treasures. The design idea of ​​the word game starts from here, and the words Portobello, market, and nottinghill road are arranged in different colors on the umbrella cloth. , So that those who like to dig treasures can find the fun on the umbrella.

【Flower market】

Londoners are famous for their love of flowers. In addition to the antique market, Portobello can also see many flower vendors. Fresh.


◆Special function specifications◆

Extremely fast drying AquaRepel- super splash water

-Rotating anti-collision Vortex

-Rotating UV shield UVshield



Color: Classic Market / Antique Market / Play on words / Flower Market

Umbrella surface and umbrella frame: 58cm×6 umbrella ribs, three-fold automatic opening and closing

Umbrella opening width and height: width 104CM, height 61.5CM, weight 395g

Folding umbrella height: 31CM