SpeedWarm Hoodie

▍Bath ▍

Speedwarm hoodie is the "Bath" series of A.Brolly.

"Bath" city has the only one natural hot spring in the UK and was expanded into a complete natural bath during the Roman Empire. For the Romans, the bath was not only a place for bathing, but also a place for important people to discuss national affairs and socialize.

Speedwarm hoodie use high density Graphene fiber to absorb the heat energy emitted by the human body and convert it into far infrared rays that can be absorbed by the human body. The heat energy is also transmitted very fast, and the thermal cycle is continuously carried out.

A.Brolly Speedwarm hoodie warms you.

The combination of the thin and light fleece fabric with the highest content of graphene fibers in the market is like the "Bath" hot spring with natural healing effects. As long as you put on the Speedwarm hoodie, it is as comfortable as bathing in the hot spring in Bath city.

▍Product features ▍

◆Special specifications◆

【High content graphene fiber】 Contains high content of graphene, rapid heating is more sensible

【Do not use chemical coating】 The first innovative technology product, natural environmental protection, no coating processing

【60 seconds heating up】 Instant heating, at least 5 degrees heating can be achieved in 60 seconds


◆Intimate design◆

【Stand-up collar】enhance the warmth of the neck

【Seven-quarter wide sleeves】 Loose and comfortable, convenient for various activities

【Deep pockets on both sides】 The pockets are deep enough to fit the phone, keys, and change.


【Long version design】

Easy to put on and take off, keep warm without gaps


◆Special function specifications◆

Warmth cycle

Graphene yarm

Breathable fabric

Smart dry

Color: Navy/ Charcoal / Peach/ Baby blue

Clothes size: S/M and M/L

Total length of clothes: (S/M)104 CM, (M/L)122 CM

Fabric: Polyester fiber (yarn contains high-component graphene yarn)

Weight: (S/M)573g±10g, (M/L) 650g±10g