Our Spirit

A.Brolly is committed to pursuing a living attitude of "Green, functional, and aesthetic", using a forward-looking green-thinking concept as our core to fully recycle and reuse the precious resources given to us by the Earth. Furthermore, with sustainable development of the brand in mind, we also carefully study the needs of global and aim to provide them with uniquely designed umbrellas that are of high-quality and superbly durable.

Of course, good concepts must be realized in actual products to be meaningful. Grant Barnett has long been committed to the use of non-toxic dyes and recycled materials. In 2012, with its utilization of canopy fabric made of recycled FTC bottles and its practice of patented non-toxic and non-polluting production processes, it was selected as the sole supplier of the 2012 London Olympic Games for the umbrella category.

In terms of material selection and product design, A.Brolly attaches great importance to making products that would hardly break, so as to reduce the amount of garbage on Earth. For example, A.Brolly uses an iron tube and an aluminum tube in thicknesses of 0.45mm and 0.70mm, respectively, to make the shafts. As for the ribs, A.Brolly adopts multiple patented structures and the latest composite materials to ensure that the ribs will hold up even against very strong wind. When sewing the panels of the canopy together, we apply 9 to 11 stitches per inch so that the canopy is as durable as it can possibly be. A.Brolly also continues its research and development in the canopy fabric, working together with an internationally renowned fabric manufacturer to develop the next generation of eco-friendly fabric that will be adopted in subsequent series.

The goal of A.Brolly is to apply the green-thinking into every detail of our products, transforming environmental protection from a concept into real products that truly incorporate environmental protection into people's everyday life.