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▍Brighton ▍

Brighton is a sunny rocky coast, a popular destination for tourists that features diverse communities, quirky shopping areas, large cultural, music and arts scenes and a funfair that is the common childhood memories of every Britain.

A.Brolly Brighton is a POE umbrella series inspired by the sunny, diverse and colorful characteristics of the city of Brighton. The transparent POE umbrella is widely beloved by UK people and its royal family alike, and it is available in different 7 colors and themes, as well as equipped with a special rib structure capable of withstanding super strong wind.


Patented material 





▍Size ▍

68.5cm×8 ribs

Automatic umbrella


▍Color and pattern selection ▍

Silent Moment (Pink/Blue)

Union Jack (Dark Pink/Light Blue)

Poppy Love (Red/Black)

Rainbow Rain