▍Kew ▍

In the Victorian Era of the 19th century, elements such as lace, mesh, frills, ribbons, and bows were used on clothes to emphasize the feminine side and fashionable tastes of women.

Formerly a royal garden built during the Victorian Era, Kew is located in Richmond upon Thames in mid-southern rural London.

By using it as a symbol of the splendid era, the Kew series by A. Brolly utilizes colorful gardens and hues of green to represent the versatile images of women.

Combined with a unique lightweight design and a floral canopy pattern, the umbrella represents class and elegance more than ever.



  • Extra-large pouch/convenient popper button

The 30% larger pouch design let your umbrella easily kept even without properly folding it.

The branded logo popper design makes it easier to stow your umbrella, compared to the traditional Velcro design.

  • AquaRepel design

The canopy uses 100% Formosa Taffeta polyester fiber textile with AquaRepel finish.


Patented material 

  • CoolTemp Patented textile

A-class Formosa Taffeta light blocking textile.

Blocks out least 99.9% of all lights.

A-class Formosa Taffeta nano ceramic cooling coating.

Lowers by 8°C in 15 minutes .

  • High density carbon steel+FRP ribs

Lightweight design, easy to carry .


Unique Designs 

  • Floral design canopy

Royal floral pattern design and delicate embroidery on the border create a classic appearance.

  • Floral pouch storage at handle

You can stow the pouch inside the handle, making it both useful and attractive.


▍Size ▍

58.5cm×6 ribs

Three-fold manual open umbrella

305 g

UPF 50+

▍Color and pattern selection ▍

Floral Cherry

Polka Dots