▍Portobello ▍

The well knows Portobello market is famous for antiques and collectible locate right in central London. Especially on every Saturday, all five sections are open selling from fashion to antiques. Walking down the streets of mid to late-Victorian terrace house and searching for antiques, it’s just feels like regenerating old fashion to modernism. Every year thousands of visitors gather here looking for the right collectible suite for their sense of beauty.


In this series A.Brolly use the touch of 70s colours and elements restate Vortex technology into new ideas. All edges are rounded and merge with rubber texture makes the simplicity of range. Just like the Portobello market within a modernize city.



AquaRepel canopy design

The canopy uses 100% Formosa Taffeta polyester fiber that has been processed A.Brolly develop AquaRepel water repellent which is low PFC super water repellency coating

Vented canopy

Utilizes double layer canopies to guide wind flow prevent wind drag


Patented material 

Vortex canopy

360-degree rotary ribs specially design for anti-collision and let user easily get through crowds and gale winds

Easy shaft system

A.Brolly patent shaft technology which reduce retract force from 8KG to be under 5KG, makes nay lady could easily use such big umbrella

Unique design

Modeling rubber base

Reminiscent of the rubber design unique to previous antiques

No acute angle design




▍Size ▍

68.5cm×8 ribs

Three-fold automatic umbrella


▍Color and pattern selection ▍