Stonehenge Umbrella

Stonehenge ▍

Stonehenge is the most famous pre-historic structure in Britain. The reason for its massive size, how the construction was done, and why it was built all remains a huge mystery.

The Stonehenge series by A. Brolly utilizes that idea to make large umbrellas and uses multiple patented techniques to perfect the design in one umbrella, letting you walk into crowds at ease.


AquaRepel canopy design

The canopy uses 100% Formosa Taffeta polyester fiber that has been processed to be high-level water repellent.

Logo designs

Popper buttons with logo on it, making stowing umbrellas easier than the old Velcro design.

Ferrule with logo, improving the classic look

Patented material 

‧EcoStream fabric

An eco-friendly umbrella textile made from recycle PET bottle and dye without a drop of water with NON-PFC AquaRepel finish

‧Steel+FRP ribs

Lightweight, easy to carry

Unique design

Vortex canopy

360-degree rotary ribs to resist bumping and deforming and to easily get through crowds and gale winds

Vented canopy

Utilizes double layer canopies to guide wind flow prevent wind drag.

AntiBlaster retraction

Safty feature shaft design, easily retracts without rebounding.

▍Size ▍

68.5cm×8 ribs

Three-fold automatic umbrella


▍Color and pattern selection ▍